it's all brash, crazy action, and we loves it.

A LATE posting, one which I will blame upon the fetus, the moon, and the incomprehensible flexibility of my pelvic ligaments at the moment.

Pregnancy is a hilarious bag of weirdness that generally seems quite pleasant, but it has really done a number on my sleep. Not that I have ever slept well, really, but this is next level stuff we're talking about. I have been up since 2:30.. 

But still, the show must go on! Just...late. 

On a side note, my personal Tarot reading this morning gave me such intense insights into what has been presented to me lately that I really felt quite untired most of the day, oddly.

Granted I don't think I was fully capable of holding a conversation with anyone, but I did a really nice job cleaning the toilet and thinking on the proceedings of my life. And sometimes that is all we will manage in a day. 

But anyways, here is ours, our group offerings and perspective for the week: The Knight of Swords. 

This is, in many ways, the perfect card for spring and the influences predicted for April, a time when the once-stagnated energies of our bodies and minds are liberated, emancipated from their darkened apathy, and begin wall-eye-ing us as we shift from one slow extreme to the chaotic other. 

So much to get done. So much LIGHT. So many things to go get involved in and do haphazardly. 

This, friends, is what the knight is all about. He is youth, springtime, exuberance, untempered action and hastiness all rolled into one socially-irresponsible but beautifully innocent package. He is all gumption and very little grit--this isn't the long haul we're talking about here--but stirs in us when the desire is just nothing more than change for the sake of change. 

And, you know what? Sometimes this is a good thing. 

Emphasis on 'sometimes', of course, but, really: this is about not thinking about what you're doing and/or not doing or pontificating on all the reasons why or why not to do what you want to be doing, but just to get out there and do it. Sometimes what we really need is to NOT think about our limits for a short while, and to just throw ourselves into the possibility of something, far-fetched and fanatical as it might seem. 

Bad advice? Sure. Maybe. But then how many of us spend most of our lives talking ourselves out of really going for it in life, content to live within the confines of our fears and habits rather than realllllly challenging our own status quo? 

This week, don't do it. Don't do that. Do something different. I can't tell you what that different might be, but take action because action feels good, and deliberately choose movement, choose wildness instead of taking the beaten path.

It may well come to nothing--and that's not a bad thing!--but in the process of walking that way (or jumping, or leaping, or dancing) you are more than certain to find something you never expected, and I'll put money on it being something good.