how to discover your truth.

I am in the business of seeking truth.

Truth in myself, truth in the people I work with and for, and truth, ultimately, in the way that we exist on this planet. 

I use the word 'seeking' deliberately here, for I also believe that 'truth' is something that moves and morphs, that shifts with age and perspective, and that cannot be necessarily pinned down all that easily. We will find many truths in our lifetime, and they will also change. 

However, I do know that we are each able to come into a knowing of our own truth in this human lifetime, and that the experiencing of this is the essence of true freedom. It is from the ground of trusting and knowing who we are and what our particular role contains that we may actually be fully liberated from the binds of the ego, and become spiritually free, and seeking our truth is the pathway to this. 

And perhaps here again I use 'seeking' deliberately, for, yes, it is a journey that must be 'undertaken', per say, but yet is also, paradoxically, a trip we take inwards to a place and perspective that have always existed within us. The seeker of truth desires to be reconnected with that which she has always known yet momentarily, in this incarnation, forgotten. 

So this journey inwards, how does it go? Step by step, of course. 

1. Pay attention. 

2. State that you want to be free. 

3. Make peace with the big painful truths. 

4. Pay more attention, with a beginner's mind. 

5. Learn to liberate that energy within you..