It's really Monday.

Man, how did that happen?

I had quite possibly some of the worst sleeps of my life in the beginning of the week, which led to me deferring my Monday reading to Tuesday. And then Wednesday. And then Thursday, apparently. (though had you asked me moments before posting this I would have sworn it was still Wednesday). 

If this is any indicator of what being a parent is going to be like, I am so much more so grateful for the incredible maternity leave we get up here in Canada. Having a year to not care what day of the week it is sounds like a really logical thing.. 

So...Thursday reading! Setting us up for the week! (I promise I'll be back on Monday like usual next time..)

I could claim that I am SUCH a good intuitive that this card can be retroactively applied to all days between Monday and now, but that would be a ridiculous load of nonsense. It was pulled today, and applies (at least to me, very much so) to what is happening for today.

But you, dear friends, will take it as you like.

The Knight of Pentacles!


 ...such a marvelous mixture of banality and responsibility with the innate qualities of magic that reside within the pentacles suit. 

The Knight, always the one of action and activity within the deck, is here drawing our attention to the necessity of focused awareness to things related to money, work, and basic functioning. He looks over his pentacle--temporarily avoiding getting sucked into any conversations about philosophy, trips to art galleries or spending money on extravagant home furnishing purchases--so as to not be moved by magic into a place of inaction, for it is so easy to get distracted. His horse is solid and firm-footed, and this clarity of intent is good for the knight: he is getting things done, and while the news won't be big or crazy, he is likely to be receiving good feedback from the places he is doing his work. 

Think good financial news, pleasant work feedback...that sort of thing.


Now, there is always the possibility that a card like this can speak to this quality of our nature becoming too present, in that we are working and working away at things without looking down at the magic that exists all around and within us. Are we too dependable and predictable? Is there space for play and beauty even while we get our work done? 

Maybe. Maybe not, though. We each must decide what is being spoken to here, and investigate our lives so that we may respond accordingly. Perhaps a deep focus and clear, steady action is what is called for right now, but if you're feeling down about it (and encountering resistance) perhaps it's time for you to shift your gaze about 6 inches in any direction and pay attention to something else for a minute.