Monday: Tarot


From now on, I will be drawing and exploring a single Tarot card on Mondays as a kind of 'direction' for the week. 


I work with Tarot a lot, and have been thinking about how important it is that each person has a system of divination in their lives, especially when we are so disconnected from our own intuitive states and insights in modern society. I don't believe, however, in running your life based on what the cards or stones or what have you say, but a sprinkling of insight and a pause for reflection on concepts offered can be very effective. 

And so today: The Queen of pentacles, one of my favorite cards. 


Pentacles are classically associated with the physical world, and in previous incarnations of Tarot similar to the Rider deck were called 'coins', and reflected relationships with money. Pentacles still reflect our capacity to become so involved with materialistic things that we lose sight of the more spiritual and immaterial elements of existence, but also draw our attention to the necessity of attending to the physical, something that can be lost when we engage in personal development or spiritual growth in an intensive way. 

For we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, and attempting to bypass the 'gross' realities of our time here will not serve us. Pentacles are this reminder for us, and a reminder of the everyday magic that is ever present in nature, our bodies and the rest of our 3D world. 

The queen is seen as the full expression of the feminine qualities of this deck come to fulfillment, sitting on her throne surrounded by the bounty of nature and gazing lovingly at her pentacle. She is in love with the magic in nature, and knows the strength that it offers her. According to Rachel Pollack she 'represents a love for and unity with the world', a perspective that offers great connection and open-heartedness in our dealing with both nature and each other. 

As a 'minor' card in the deck she is seen as the only character with a full sense of self awareness, trusting in herself and in the fact that magic does and always will surround her. She is connected to the forces of the universe just as all elements of nature are, and ascends in her life experience to status of sage or shaman by aligning herself and her actions with this knowing and deep connection. All things that come from her are connected to source, and so she has no need for fear or ego or self consciousness: she is like the trees and the birds and the rabbit that surround her. 

We experienced ourselves as an isolated expression of the universe when we live as a single ego, attached to our identity. The ego tells us that this is the way to power and 'control'; that by asserting who we are in the world with a heavy hand then we can come to make things happen by our will. 

But living as a human being requires both solidification of our sense of self as well as the willingness to let go of the delusion that we have any control in this experience, for there are forces at work in our lives that we cannot and will never be able to manipulate. It is only in aligning ourselves with these forces and trusting that things will happen as they must--and that magic does flow both around and within us--that we experience the full expression of our life's possibility. 

x ciel