an abundance of pentacles..


It seems that the pentacles have really been calling to me and to local clients lately, showing in many readings. 


I suppose it's quite fitting to have attention brought to that area of life--to the importance of attending to the material world with appreciation and mindfulness--when it's not something that comes easily. At this time of year it is far easier to notice what is dull and barren than what beauty is waiting around the corner.  

The Page is the archetypal youthful student in the Tarot, representing a need for focus and the practical development and application of knowledge.  Often lost in his experience of what each suit focuses upon (again, with Pentacles, this is an immature immersion in the magical and yet more material qualities of existence. Think: money, physical status symbols, resources, etc.), the Page of each lineage carries slightly different expressions of the educational act. In pentacles, the Page offers us a reminder for practicality and drive; for hard work, study, and to pay attention to the benefits that result when we are involved and fascinated with the work we are engaged with. 

This card presents itself as a request to pay attention to those areas of our lives where we may be done with childish things as well, especially when it comes to finances and our material experience in the world. This will often require us to 'study' ourselves and the place that we find ourselves in so that we may understand where we need to direct attention. 

So often our egos are enculturated to believe that education is something that begins and ends in a school setting, preventing our further engagement in the necessary and never-ending learning processes that occur in life. We think (subconsciously) that at some point we have come to really understand and know who we are in this life, and that the focus from there on is to defend that choice of being. 

Until the point of full enlightenment where the self can be let go completely, we are never finished this learning process, however. Embracing that reality can feel vulnerable and exhausting for those who approach their lives with a 'fixed' rather than 'growth-oriented' mindset, but it is the only way out of mental discord and emotional confusion: to look at what new concepts of self or other need to be understood and applied. 

If you are feeling stuck in an area of your life, use the suggestive power of this card to pick up your own educational process and go see what you can find out about it. Go learn, be open to changing old habits that may have been with you for far too long, and contemplate where in your life your material existence may benefit from a little bit of studious effort.