All things new & old.

It has been a while.

I apologize to those of you who have recently written to ask if I had perhaps fallen into a pit of lyme-induced despair (or worse) after my last entry. It was not at all that things got bad-- the symptoms, as they do, cleared up in a very short time once I got my shit together and took care of myself--but that things got really good, and really busy. 

So many wonderful projects and happenings have offered themselves in the last while, including a beautiful trip across the pond to Bali (where we were graced with an abundance of frangipani, such as the one caught floating in our pool in the above picture), a new home on a beautiful piece of land just east of here, and a new addition to the family. And then there was this incredible and seemingly random influx of clients from all over the world, and contracts for new teaching and healing opportunities both within my community and abroad. 

Things have been very good, and very much 'aligned' feeling, even when there are challenges presented. 

I have great faith that this work and these ancient and nature-based wisdoms will be the healing of our world, and it appears that people increasingly agree, frustrated and lonely as we are within this contemporary system that damages us (and our world) in such profound ways. It's an exciting time to be human, and my gratitude for being part of any movement towards holistic, systems-based and spiritually-informed processes occurring is indescribably immense. 

I am, in this new year, committing to doing more of this work even as I look forward to welcoming a new spirit into the world this spring. More writing, more teaching, more creation and more art. It feels like a very potent and charged time right now, and I sense the crest of a wave of transformation approaching, roaring up behind me as I begin to speed up my pace so that I may ride it as far as possible. 

(I am, by no means, a surfer and nor have I ever been a surfer, chickenshit as I am about weird things that lurk in the darkness of the ocean. That might have been the most ridiculous and personally unsubstantiated metaphor ever to grace this page, but I'm sticking to it cause it's still kinda cool in that wannabe surfer kinda way.)

Do you know that feeling though? Like there's big changes about to happen, big growth and possibilities if we are just to open ourselves to them and trust the process. There is always work to do still--work to be more mindful, to understand our emotional damages more clearly, to heal and nourish the physical body so that the mind, body and soul are grounded and balanced--but there is a universal force that enhances our growth if we surrender to it, allow the process to be what it is and work with that, instead of losing so much energy, as we do, on wishing for things to be different. 

Surrender is the theme for this year for me, and I understand it in increasingly more complex ways every day. As this little being is kicking me from within at this moment I know what surrender will be required to navigate the experiences and challenges of parenthood--larger and more expansive than I have ever encountered before. And I'm ready for it.

And I am ready as well for giving it all this year, and hope that you're all along with me: all of the attention, all of the awareness, all of the focus, all of the work (and all of the resulting love). It is not ours to play small, and we serve the world so little by doing so..