find your passion? Nah, man. MAKE it.

This is on my mind today, in conversations both with myself and my companions:

What does it mean to live a life of passion


Most people assume that passion is something that is born with a person or not, much like musical talent or the ability to draw something other than stick people. 

But as a so-called 'passionate' person I know that this is not true, for it has not always been an innate quality of my being to be focused and dedicated to a path or project. I have, historically, been a bit of a disaster when it comes to starting/engaging with/finishing anything, but was driven to a life of passion--as the Shamanic path occurs for most--through discomfort and illness many years ago. 


I was driven to passion because I was driven to action first. Passion came second. 


Anyone can and SHOULD have passion. This is our birthright (as is the ability to be creative, btw), and yet it is something that, like a muscle gone unused, can be lost. We can numb out and drop into the apathy of existence quite easily if we don't stir our juices intentionally. And given our contemporary society seems to be focused on keeping people numbfinding and living from our passion is a huge undertaking. 

But it?

I believe, again, that passion is the natural state of the human being. Curiosity, engagement, interest, inquisitiveness...this is the way our brains are wired to work. We want to be stirred and stimulated. We want change and growth, big time. 

I think the main challenge in finding passion is people get overwhelmed by the big picture, and don't see the little steps that can be done right now in order to get on that track. Little things like doing a task you've been setting aside for a long time, like cleaning your back room (which I just did, and which caused me to contemplate this concept today! Also which made me feel AWESOME.) Or setting aside ten minutes to draw or journal. Or even doing something totally just for ourselves like taking a walk outside or a moment to meditate. 

Passion doesn't just happen. Passion is built, cultivated, nurtured and maintained. 

We have to deserve passion, I feel. We have to say that we're willing to do something with it. Would it make sense that this great universal force that we are working within and reflective of just drop off some passion for us without us first declaring that we want and will do great things with it?

That would be like putting fuel in a car that noone ever chose to drive. Why bother? 

Take action. Do something today. Do anything. Do anything that challenges you outside of your usual box and definition of a day, and which will--whether you like it or not--call passion to you.

Do this everyday and you'll have what every person on this planet is looking for..