baffling beliefs.

So, I'm not a big fan of religion. 


Nope. Not at all. 

Spirituality, on the other hand, is absolutely wonderful and necessary: the search for individual truth and meaning makes perfect sense to me, and seems essential to a fulfilled human life. 

 But the practice of taking on someone else's truth and meaning just doesn't fly with me, and especially when it comes with the caveat that you must WITHOUT DOUBT state that said truth is the ONLY truth in the world. Period.

Everyone else is wrong. You are right. You have someone been gifted with the only way of knowing the universe because YOUR book is somehow better or more informed than the next person, and that's just all there is to it. 


This makes abso-fucking-lutely no sense, I feel that this idea is an insane and immature application of consciousness. It's (hopefully) something that we will evolve out of in the near future, but for now is responsible for a considerable amount of historical and on-going damage on our planet. 

And this is damage not just to our own species, but the horrific ecological catastrophes that are currently going on across the globe. We're not only hell-bent on destroying ourselves over the godly game of 'who's right' and 'who's got the real story', but will be goddamn sure to take everything else here down with us. 

Now, yesterday I was hit with a stunning realization about the relationship between the state of our world as it is right now and the beliefs of particular religions around the world, and I got angry. Anger isn't really an emotion I have many challenges with, but yesterday I was righteously pissed. Furious. Mad to the point of spitting, quite honestly. 

And it was all because of this: 

Did you know that many Christians around the world believe that when Jesus comes back (as he is supposedly bound to) he will not only cause the death of all the people who have not taken his name in salvation, but he will reward all those who have committed to him by MAKING THEM A NEW EARTH? 

...come again? 

You mean to tell me, oh summary-of-christian-beliefs-websites (which I read because I want to understand both the insane hypocrisy of religion as well as to try to compassionately understand what the appeal would be), that people here who have literally shit upon this planet and all the perfections of 'god's creations' will actually be rewarded upon the day of reckoning with the gift of a whole new planet that they can destroy, just because they go to church? Are you kidding me? 

The absolute childishness and ignorance suggested with such a belief is just baffling to me, and I suppose I have heard it before and ignored the possibility that people actually thought it was true because it was just TOO horrible. I was facilitating at a women's workshop a while back and speaking on environmental destruction and rehabilitation practices, and someone there had commented that we really didn't have to worry about what happens with the environment because Jesus is going to bring us a whole new planet, and I truly laughed it off thinking they were poking fun at the absurdity of some religious beliefs. 

But she was totally serious. 

And many people around the world, I would assume, are quite serious in their beliefs about this as well. Hence, perhaps, the reticence to do something about our relentless march towards environmental annihilation, cause why would we care! We're gonna get a new one! 

I love my Christian friends and know that not everyone believes this to be true, but just the fact that this component is included in that belief system blows my mind and saddens my heart in a way that is hard to put into words. 

We only get one planet. I know this to be true. And if, in some crazy alternate universe there was to be a savior who showed up and offered a whole new shiny place for us to take off to (except I wouldn't be going, because I put my salvation in trees and worms, not Jesus), why in any god's name would he give it to a bunch of people that already demonstrated their inability to take good care of it? 

Goddamn it Humans. We believe some crazy shit, but that's just wrong.