morning art!

I am back into working on my cards, a series of artwork pieces that will turn into a deck eventually. The deck will accompany a book I'm working on, called 'The Knowing', and will serve as daily reminders of how we may all tap into the intelligence that is within and around us all the time. 

I love this one, and the bird that inspired it. We see them a lot up here, and are quite fond of calling them dinosaurs both for their awkward and bizarre physiology as much as their somewhat terrifying vocalizations. 

When a Great Blue Heron presents itself to you, it is a reminder to come back into contact with your individual nature. Perhaps you have become too engrossed with a relationship or a job or group of people, and have forgotten that we must live as both collective and individual in this human experience. We must find peace within ourselves first, and that will be reflected as peace within our relationships, so we must pay attention to knowing the self, and feeling solid as a singular unit. 

This spirit also brings awareness of financial matters (and may portend positive movements in this area), and can--in its dinosaurian way--remind us to give awareness to heritage. This is a heritage that goes far beyond your human familial experience though: we are related to everything that exists on this planet, single-celled and upwards, as well as to the dust that makes up the body of stars. It is a reminder to feel the connection you share with everything.