experiential wisdom

I've been reading a lot of Tarot lately, and finding great meaning in it. I've had a deck and have periodically gone through phases where I would spend more time with it for a few years now, but in the last while it's been a more deliberate act, and now have started incorporating it more often in my healing practice. 

My teacher told me a long time ago that I would use it to understand people better and assist them, but until it started to really make sense I failed to see how that could happen. It's like learning a new language when working with cards, as you can't understand the sentences until you understand the words, and learning the underlying meaning of 78 different cards has taken a very long time. 

The idea behind the Tarot, at least how I see it, is it's just another way of receiving messages and coming to understand the meaning and purpose of them. Just like we receive messages when we get fired or sick, or when relationships go south, the Tarot is a way of communicating that doesn't require that we experience pain, and can actually (if heeded) serve to prevent it. In a sense, a good Tarot reading will offer the perspective of "Hey, this is where your life is heading if you keep doing what you're doing, but if you try this instead this could potentially be the outcome. Which would you rather have?", which in my mind seems like an awesome and powerful thing to experience. 

We receive messages all the time from everything when engaged with Shamanic practice. Seeing that there is no randomness nor any mistakes in the sequence and presentation of all things, every incident has a purpose. That bird that flew very close to your front window while you were driving and worrying about the future, for example, was trying to bring your attention to something, not just seeking a kamikaze thrill. Perhaps it was a hawk, a reminder to allow yourself to lift up and out of the present situation and see the long term potentials of everything; to give yourself perspective and clarity of vision instead of being dragged down in the muck of the moment. Whatever presented itself, it did so in perfection. 

There is wisdom in every single experience that we encounter, should we stop and still ourselves enough to notice and engage with it. So often consumed by blaming and worry and anxiety there is small amount of space in each of our conscious minds to be able to really see what the world is providing in terms of evolutionary potential and healing, however, and it takes dedicated effort to really slow down enough (and trust) that you begin to understand what the messages mean. 

Tarot is but one way of divining messages and wisdom, and one that I know I will be using more and more frequently, so if you're interested in getting a reading let me know. It is no substitute for meditation and contemplation, the practices necessary if we are to internalize and grow from that wisdom as well as just notice it, but we might as well take all the assistance we can while on the path, I figure.