energetic cleansing.

I'm a big fan of baths, and would say that while I know it's not the best use of water I tend to have a bath pretty much 9 out of every 10 nights. It's an essential part of my bedtime routine (tea, tea, bath, tea, pinterest and tea), as I find it not only allows me to crawl under the covers nice and clean but also to wash away any accumulated worries, stressors and challenges from the day. 

I can, while laying in the water, literally feel this energy being pulled out of my system. Water is a miraculous and magical thing when you really tune into what it offers us in terms of healing, and while I would take a lake swim in the summer over a bath any day, having the opportunity to sit in water and have it assist me each evening in this way is fantastic. 

Water is not the only way that we can cleanse ourself of our days though. Last night, for example, feeling an intense amount of energy stuck in the upper part of my body and head that I couldn't figure out, I 'washed' myself with the smoke from a mugwort stick, allowing the herb and its vapors to act in the same way as the water. Again, if you really tune into this kind of experience--and whether you cleanse with sage or alcohol or mugwort, it doesn't matter--you will also be able to feel that subtle energies are being transmuted, transformed, and released from your system. This is, in essence, what a lot of healing work is really about when I'm looking at another person's system: moving, releasing and invigorating the energetics of their body so that there is adequate flow and power supplied to the whole. You don't have to wait for a healer to have this done, however, as with attention you can certainly learn to do it for yourself.

We accumulate energy in our subtle bodies throughout the day by taking it on from other people and our own damning thoughts, or by not releasing energy through action or creativity. It is a very important thing that we keep our physical bodies clean, yes, but it is equally important that we attend to our energetic bodies, doing whatever practices necessary to make sure that we don't just add to the pile of accumulation with every day.