a busy mind.

I have been practicing diligently every morning for the last while, writing out my dreamwork, meditating and doing healing first thing after I wake up, embracing the quiet while the world still slumbers and I am beautifully alone.


My teacher requested that begin to do this about a year ago (no one ever accused me of being a quick learner in this practice), as she said that my inability to sleep and the constant headaches were not at all due to Lyme but were in fact Spirit trying to get me to pay attention to my path. Of course, since the day I started practicing every day I have slept perfectly, had not a single headache, and feel generally healthier than I have in years. There is no end to the amazement I have with this work.


Alongside the improvement in my general physical experience has been a fantastic development in seeing the difference between being busy—which I, and you, and everyone else in this continent or world is very good at, most likely—and being effective. The difference between movement and action, as Mr. Hemingway so astutely proposed.


The capacity to discern between these two ways of being comes directly from my meditative practice, for it is there where I learn to be still and rein in my mind from the busyness that it loves to perpetuate. Meditation in turn leads to increased mindfulness, and this leads to me being mindful of what it is I need to get done every day, where I am spending and/or wasting my hours (damn you pinterest), and how I can best accomplish the goals I have for myself right now. I must have a constant and unwavering attention to the present moment to allow for such clarity of sight—both for what must be done and what is being done—and in this space I become an effective and happy busy person, perhaps appearing no less over-scheduled than I was before to the outside world, but inside I am clear, focused and fully conscious of each passing moment.


Meditation is such incredible magic that I consider it a crime against humanity that we do not teach it in schools. What we could do for the human race if we simply implemented this tool in a large way, for the gift of understanding and relating maturely to our own minds is surely the most important thing we can give ourselves in this human, 3-dimensional experience.


It is one of the most difficult but most rewarding things that you may take on, but I promise with every cell of my being that should you choose to begin meditation and stick with it (results are not overnight, either!) it will change your life completely, and allow for all movement you take—be it physical or psychological—to be in the direction of higher understanding and expression of your potential, not just for movement’s sake.