trust. just trust.


The idea of Trust seems to be following (reflecting?) me through this past week, invading my thoughts, conversations, dreams and focus. It seems like every time I turn around someone is posing a question about it, presenting a challenge they have surrounding it, or my own subconscious is asking me to directly question my experience with it.


The experience of Trust is something that I would imagine we all struggle with, and yet it is an understanding and perspective that has the potential to change our life experience entirely, should we engage and understand it fully.


What is trust? What do we trust? What happens if we don’t, or do, trust? And what exactly is it that we should be trusting in?


Perhaps to start in a place we are likely all familiar with makes sense, in that state of non-trusting. Here where something or someone has hurt us big time in the past, and in expectation of that potentially happening again we guard ourselves against the pain by resisting and not-trusting.


This seems logical, and yet what do we gain through doing this? How much do we lose? This process of guarding results in our heart not being touched in the same way (maybe), but does it also prevent it from being touched by all the good? Is it possible that we restrict the light and beauty of the world from getting in at the same time we attempt to prevent the ‘bad’?


We must also ask ourselves how much energy we use up in the process of not trusting. How much of our life energy and possibility is consumed by engaging with fear of future pain, by the expectation of damage inflicted on us by others, or by the resistance that we apply to our life experience and all that which is presented to us?

And then with this in mind does not trusting still seem logical?


I am certain that the answer is no, and that the road to self awareness, power and actualization is not paved by barriers and boundaries, but by an ever-expanding open-heartedness that, even when shit hits the fan, trusts that there is perfection in all things. A state of fluidity that knows that there is some benevolent process in the chaos and pain that has been presented to us, and that our life is a series of events meant not to instruct us further on the process of barricading ourselves to life, but to break down all obstructions we have within us to love, acceptance, and trust.


To trust is to engage our minds in the highest expression of personal conscious awareness and control. External painful situations will always happen, there is no escaping suffering, but through trust we may experience an enlightened experience of being human. Why not believe that your experience is seeking nothing but your continued enlightenment and expansion? Whether you trust or do not trust your physical experiences will be the same, yet the level of happiness and awareness you experience will be profoundly, profoundly different.