mars is doing something to venus

My horoscope this morning (from, a wonderful resource for anyone who really understands or wants to understand better the influence of celestial bodies on our development) spoke to a particular transition that I am going through in life, and have been going through since January of this year. It is a “Mars sextile Venus” influence (I’ll pretend I really know what that means, but not so much) that apparently leads to a general reassessment of my goals and focus in this life, moving from an ego-based operation and intent to one of service and collective understanding.

It baffles me how predictable my process and experience can be when I read stuff like this, or when I visit with my teacher and she can so clearly articulate the challenges and evolutionary changes I am and will be going through. Quite honestly I don’t really like being so predictable sometimes, and there’s often a part of me that wants to deliberately do the opposite of what is suggested so that I can affirm dominion over my process. I want to make sure that they know that I make the decisions around here, not Mars or Venus or Mars doing whatever sex thing to Venus it’s doing.

But then there is another part of me—the majority of my being, I would say—that really loves the idea that my life has a particular trajectory to it that was ‘pre-planned’, in a sense. The thought that I came into this life, born into this world at a specific time to a specific couple of lovely folks, so that I could learn quite specific lessons about the experience of being human while coming to simultaneously understand my connection to all that is. It doesn’t remove my free will or choice at all to think this way, as I certainly don’t have to engage with what is offered to me through my life experiences if I don’t want to, but that there is some perfection to my process that is defined by the dance of the cosmos as well as the pull back to spirit.

The reality for me is that my horoscope was completely true this morning, and generally speaks so clearly to my experience on any given day that I cannot help but listen and heed its messages. I have spent the last couple months having huge revelations one after another regarding what is is I am here to do, and how and why it is that I am pulled to do those things. It is the why part of that equation that has been the most transformational, however, as I have begun to really recognize the possibility and beauty of service in the world, and moved from the mentality of ‘how do I become a better healer’ to that of ‘how may I contribute in the highest way for the benefit of all’, a very deliberate movement away from the desires of the ego to that of seeing myself operating within the system of all things. 

Would I have come to that particular understanding and perspective if Venus hadn’t lured Mars into her sexy times? Who knows, you might say. But I do know, and I know that the universe is conspiring for my greater understanding and evolution, and that the planets are having that effect on me at the same time as I am needing that effect to be had, as there is a perfection to this system that is infallible.