dark times (light times)

My, there has been so much happening lately. So much intensity. So many insane changes and shifts and new experiences. I feel like I've been on a bit of a circus ride, in fact, tossed about amidst commitments and emotions and situational chaos, all highly enjoyable but of just such a powerful energetic level.

…you feelin' it too? 

The last week has, thankfully, felt like a gentle step back from the whirling trajectory that has defined the last couple months, and yet I know it is just a momentary pause; a brief minute to catch my breath before the next set of challenges approaches. It seems that whatever is occurring right now (and I know that it's not just me who has been feeling this crazy intensity..) has no intention to stop anytime soon. 

And would we want it to? Why, no. Certainly not. For if the chaos and the intensity stop, so do the mind-blowing personal lessons and growth that come along with them. 

Amidst this chaos there have been shifts in my concept of self, overall understanding of life, and possibility for work as a healer that I can't even begin to fully comprehend, let alone describe. My whole perspective on who and what this life really is has been profoundly changed, and I have come into contact with a knowing that is so lovely, so liberating, and so indescribably powerful that I am somewhat shell-shocked.

I suppose it always takes time to integrate lessons and evolutionary movements in a lifetime, but these are so crazy that I wonder if whether my brain--oh my funny, limited brain--may ever actually fully understand them. And perhaps that's just the way that it's supposed to be, because my heart is certainly more than happy to sit with this newfound openness and perspective. And we all know that it's the one that's really supposed to be in charge..

I'm going to try and summarize some of the learning that I have encountered recently, but will take a couple days to write some notes and put it all together. So…I'll be back shortly.