the present moment.


If you are running away from a situation in your life, be it an uncomfortable relationship, a disease, a pain, or any other difficulty, it will remain forever. Sure, it may disappear temporarily if you run really fast, but the experience will always reappear in a different form, no matter what. This is because if you are resisting a situation and wanting to get away from it, it means that you have yet to fully understand and accept its teaching, and that’s the only reason it showed up in the first place. Can't possibly go away until it has done its job, right? 

When we resist an experience we direct massive amounts of mental and emotional energy towards it. Anything we direct energy at (even if we’re hating it) will continue to happen. This is actually a wonderful thing. Life and our higher selves see our resistance, and desire to move us to greater understanding and spiritual evolution (that marvelous state characterized by a total lack of resistance to what is), and so give us more of what we dislike because of the potential for growth inherent within that experience. The universe is not trying to piss us off by making the bad stuff stick around, but until we are able to sit in our present moment and trust that everything that is happening is for our benefit (thus engaging the full capacity of our ability to determine our mindset and life experience) it is impossible for difficult situations to move out of our view. We haven't yet learnt what we came here to learn. 

Said another way in direct reference to healing, we cannot hate ourselves out of being fat, depressed, poor, critical, cancerous, or unbalanced in any other way. To heal, we must bring our awareness to the present moment and accept what is happening, knowing that there must be some greater truth in it. This is the only way. Incredibly difficult, yes, but the only way, and, in truth, considerably easier in the long run than resisting everything that we experience and don’t like.

We illogically waste too much energy wishing things were different than they are, and so are unable to fully utilize the full potential within us for healing. Think of it like a 'spreading thin' of your energy, making it impossible for you to take guided and powerful action in any situation. We must pull ourselves into the present if we are to really move past anything. 

Similarly but in the opposite direction, when we imagine that once we get there, wherever there may be—richer, skinnier, smarter, more interesting, etc—we will be happy or content or magically blissful, we are placing our energies in a forward time and preventing us from accessing full personal power in this moment.

If we are to be conscious creators of our existence it must come from a place of present awareness and empowered desires; from a way of perceiving that is all about simultaneously trusting our current circumstances and knowing that we have the capacity for an articulated, mature view of what would be our future goals.  Mature goals are not goals that come from loathing our current place or wishing for the ease of some future possible experience, but those that are exuded from our core, empowered and spiritually evolved individual state, that place which is always available to us should we just choose to demand it. Goals which are set because we are assured and aware of right where we are right now, and are aspiring to express ourselves in a more effective way in the world.  

The first step to understanding the power that is possible in the present moment? Say that you want it. You're in charge. Declare that you desire to live neither in the past nor in the future, and your life will make it happen. 

Second step? keep saying it.