unexpected deviations.


Life doesn’t go from A to B in a perfectly executed process.

We want things to turn out the way we imagine or expect them to, and want it to happen in a simple and straightforward manner from one experience to the next, but that never, ever happens. The course takes one big drastic deviation from the plan after another.

Snow in April is a very lovely reminder this. Yesterday morning we awoke here to a fresh (albeit minimal) layer of the white stuff on everything, just enough of a blanket to conceal the green optimism that had been poking its way through.

All conversations about global climate change aside, there is nothing like getting all excited for spring and then waking up to snow to remind you of the unpredictable nature of life. Yes, it’s a trite example, but it’s still an experience that keeps you on your toes after a long winter, showing us (metaphorically speaking) that no matter how much you expect a process to continue, a relationship to develop, an outcome to surface…there are no straight lines.

It is in understanding, accepting, and loving the lack of straight paths that we find the greatest experience of personal power. It is in the dark and frustrating moments that we heal and learn.

In an actualized state, there is full conscious awareness of your ability to determine your emotional experience. You are not guided by habits or conditioning, but may respond consciously to every experience, absolutely mindful and powerful, allowing these deviations from ‘plan’ to be approached with humility and awareness. The desire for predictability is replaced by the trust in your path; the want for straight lines is dissolved by the conviction that you, and your life, are just as they should be. Even when it snows when it's totally not supposed to.