let it burn? let it burn.


In the spring, we burn the old grass and fallen trees from winter to make room for the new growth that waits below, allowing the ashes of last year’s beauty to nurture the potential that is waiting.

The natural world embraces this cycle of life and death, never attempting to hold on to the past or resent the ever-approaching future. This is a way of being that is referred to and utilized often in healing with shamanic practices, as it is something our human conscious minds have a really hard time with but which animals and the rest of nature experience automatically. 

We think that by holding onto things—pain, personal definitions, old love, woundings, resentments, material possessions—we will be provided with some sense of safety and meaning in the world, or that by focusing on them we will prevent such experiences from occurring again in the future. These are the constructs of the ego which we hope will keep us safe from hurt to come, but which end up only restricting the energy flow and possibility of our experience.

To make room for the new and for the possibility of personal evolution we have to release the old, and we have to do it in a way that doesn’t necessarily engage the mind, but which works with the heart and soul. This means that we can stop wanting to know why that person did what they did, or why you were born in that particular family and place entirely. Our minds can never fully ‘understand’ these things, because they have no innate comprehension capabilities (the mind repeats, the heart thinks), and so it is of no real consequence when it comes to self actualization and personal growth to grasp experiences from a ‘logical’ point of view. In reality the more we focus on these questions the more we restrict our ability to heal and live fully.

All that is required to release the past and fully access the possibility of the present is trust. Trust in the perfection of your process, and in the belief that life is a benevolent operation that functions with only one motivation: to bring you to greater understanding of your own incredible power and beauty. If we actively cultivate a sense of trust that affirms that our lives are supplying us with everything we need for evolution, then...that's what happens. It is up to us to decide how much power and meaning we want to derive from life, and engaging with trust increases both. 

And while trust may seem like a long way away when there’s still pain and resentment happening, the only thing required to get us to this place is to request it to happen. Should we take the time to request for all resistance and fear in life to be removed, our experience will conspire to make it happen because we are looking for it. Our conscious reality shifts, and our external reality cannot help but comply.

And then from a state of trust, just like the old nourishes the new in our fields here, we may fully understand and integrate the wisdom and lessons that were available in all we had previously resisted. Our old pain fertilizes new understanding and insight. This allows us to find a hindsight that is greater than 20/20—a heart-felt wisdom that is greater than our all emotional damages—which leads eventually to a present vision of our experience that surpasses all wisdom we ever thought ourselves capable of.