it's all happening.

Ahh, this week has been a bit of madness. Wonderful, exciting and powerful madness, but madness all the same. 

In the midst of packing to head back up to Canada, finishing website content and working with clients, I have decided to also throw a launch party for the first batch of commercially available Entelechy products. It was all a nutty last-minute decision that had me deliberating over style and basic logistics at about 5 in the morning last week, but, somehow, it seems to be all coming together. And I'm super happy that it's happening. 

If you happen to be living in the Bay area, and are interested in coming down to say hello, see what is being offered, and hopefully have a glass or two of bubbly with us, I would love to see you. The party will be held at a beautiful store in lower haight/divisadero, and is somewhere you should visit anyways just cause there's nothing quite like it in SF (or many other places either). Here's all the official information, and hope to see you!