soul medicine.

soul medicine.

Many years ago while I was working at Semperviva Yoga in Vancouver, a Mexican shaman came to visit the shop with his translator. 

He was maybe 50 or so I think, but it was hard to place his actual age. He had strange white cataracts in his pupils that made him appear much older and much wiser than the rest of his physical demeanor. Just being close to him made my skin feel electric, as though he were brand new to this world and infusing the air around him with some powerful magic. A strange mix of ancient wisdom and youthful vibrancy, he was by far the most compelling individual I had ever met.

how to discover your truth.

I am in the business of seeking truth.

Truth in myself, truth in the people I work with and for, and truth, ultimately, in the way that we exist on this planet. 

I use the word 'seeking' deliberately here, for I also believe that 'truth' is something that moves and morphs, that shifts with age and perspective, and that cannot be necessarily pinned down all that easily. We will find many truths in our lifetime, and they will also change. 

insights, pickles & early mornings.

I read an article last week about the necessity of turning one's spiritual and emotional attention 'inwards' during pregnancy, and about avoiding taking on too much at a time when your focus will surely not allow it. 

I realized at that moment how much intense pressure I had been putting on myself in the last while to get done everything I thought I should be doing--finish an ebook! post more blogs! rebrand the website! apply for another art show! write an album! redecorate the house!--and how the more I was doing this, the less I was sleeping. And the crappier I felt.