Entelechy Agreements

You will likely not live by these agreements fully right now, but you recognize their worth in your healing process, and aim to incorporate them into your life to become the most confident, creative & powerful individual you can be. 


The universe is benevolent and miraculous

As Einstein said, "There are two ways to live your life: as though nothing is a miracle, or as though everything is a miracle". 

It is up to each of us how we want to live and respond to the world. Knowing this, you recognize the power and possibility that resides within choosing a perspective that suggests magic in your life, not just chaos and meaningless experiences. You choose to believe that things are working in your favor, because this feels sane. 

You align yourself with the possibility that nothing is a mistake, and that there is a 'driving force' behind what happens that is beckoning you to growth & more love. 


We all need a healthy ego

No part of this work focuses on 'getting rid' of the ego completely, but on reevaluating the contents of our self image so that we may discard neurotic, habitual and damaging beliefs and ways of being. 

We are here as individuals because we do carry an individually important piece of the universal pie, and need to know ourselves well in order to then offer that piece to the larger whole. With a healthy, solid sense of who we are we can rest in our knowing, and move away from competition and comparison entirely. 

You know that you are essential as an individual, and yet connected to all that is and entirely undivisable. This makes you excited rather than afraid. 


We seek nonduality

There is no right and wrong in this work, only practices and perspectives that either support greater complexity and healing in the self, or that don't.

You recognize the power in being able to experience your life without resistance or clinging. You aim to live this way, and to offer absolute presence to your life. You also recognize how difficult this is to do. 

An enlightened perspective has love for all things, and appreciation for all experiences simply because they have occurred. This is, in essence, what we attempt to heal: all the mental energy we lose while resisting or clinging to situations, people, ideas, and things. 


Service is the purpose

Of course you first come to this work because you want personal freedom: confidence, purpose, meaning, etc. That is the way it should be. 

You also trust, however, that your purpose here is to participate in the healing of the world, and to be of service to all. Your motivation comes back to this place again and again when you are sucked back into fear and doubt, aligning you with a higher purpose. 

Entelechy means we live our truth, our wholeness. In that wholeness we see that there are no divisions between anything in the world, and because of this we recognize that to heal and serve others is to heal and serve ourselves. 


trust in the process

Patience is the most difficult element of the healing path. We all, understandably, want to be 'fixed' right now; to have all our pains removed immediately. You see that while other 'medicine' offers quick-fixes and bandaid solutions (which can be useful sometimes), you know that true healing is a process. 

You intend to cultivate patience, perspective and faith. Lao Tzu said, "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished". In Shamanic practice we intend to realign ourselves with the 'perfect timing' of everything, allowing our lives to unfold with conscious intention and absolute trust.