It is your most basic right as a human being to be creative, and free of a victim mentality. You are in charge of the most important aspect of life--how you respond to everything that happens, making you the 'creator' of your experience--but have long convinced yourself that this is somehow not true. 

Creativity speaks to liberation of the force that is within you, expressed through the ways in which you create your life, your work, and your contributions to the world. Believing yourself to be creative and engaging with practices that empower your creativity allows you to truly become a powerful, actualized individual. 

The world needs your contributions. It doesn't need you to try to fit in or do what everyone else is doing. It needs you, and so you're going to have to figure out how to let that you out. 

Practices & Teachings

  • Art Therapy & Conversations

  • Shoshin/Beginner's Mind

  • Cultivating Curiosity & Awe

  • Rediscovering Wildness

  • Dance & free movement 

  • Experiencing Flow

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