Perception and gratitude for the interconnected nature of all things is the ground of a sane way of living. 

When we are afraid, we separate ourselves and work only for our own well-being. But because of the indivisible nature of all of existence, this only ends up making us more sick or unhappy (not to mention lonely, selfish and fearful). 

Human beings have long acted like cancer cells within the larger body that is the earth: selfish, destructive, and short-sighted. The enlightened humanity of the future will operate with a sense of connection to their bodies, each other, and to all other species, for this is reality. 

To go beyond our conditioning, habits, and wounding, we must challenge the way we build relationships, and choose to nourish conscious ones with ourselves and others. 

Practices & Teachings

  • Intentional Service 

  • Grounding

  • Right Relationship

  • Conscious Communication

  • Ceremony & Ritual

  • Shamanic Guides 


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