It seems, however, that you have forgotten this. 

You've been convinced that there is something really wrong with you, that you should doubt yourself. And from that place of doubting you should run about your life trying to figure out how to make yourself okay (maybe some new shoes? more money? another detox? a different nose?) or trying to avoid the pain you're feeling by distracting yourself or numbing out. 

You have forgotten your powers, your inner wisdom, and your truth. 

And you know what? Nothing is wrong with you. The only thing potentially not great about you is that you're trying to be someone other than yourself, and have forgotten how to live from your center. 

You have very important things to offer the world, things that are unique to you and are greatly needed. Each of us does. Your task--our task--should we accept it, is to get back to remembering who we are beyond competition, comparison and fear; to release our wounding so we doubt ourselves no more.


You were not born this way. Take your power back. 

As a new spirit in the world, you had no doubt. You were born knowing that what and who you are was just fine. Perfect even. Then this confused world stepped in and said you should want to be something other than what you are, and you've been trying to fix yourself--to be what you think the world wants--from this powerless perspective ever since. 

Maybe this is not the sane way to live. And maybe there's another way to be. 

It is possible to release doubt, fear, and competition, as well as the discomfort and illness associated with these states. It is possible to remember what it felt like to be whole, and to live from that place, and to release the idea of 'struggle' in your life experience. It is possible to accept yourself and learn how to take care of your whole being from a place of love. It's going to take some work and you'll need help to undo the backwards and dysfunctional conditioning that you have inherited, but it is entirely possible. 

You must seek your entelechy. 


Liberation, in the form of ancient wisdom and modern science. 


The philosopher Aristotle believed that we each hold within us the unique potential for great things, and that a well-lived life was not about 'fixing' ourselves or 'becoming' something, but about learning to release all the innate creativity, wisdom and possibility within. This is entelechy. 

So, how do we release all that good stuff? By finding the places where we block it, of course. The places where we do not allow our creative, loving self (as this is our true nature) to come through, and are lost instead in judgement, separation, self sabotage, and fear.

The things you won't talk about with your partner. Your addictions to sugar and Facebook procrastination. That painful anxious loneliness that shows up out of the blue. The damning judgement you cast on your body every day.

These are the places where you need to heal.

But this is not about 'fixing'.

The modern world is created and consumed by the idea that we need to 'fix' ourselves, that something is wrong with us. 

 Entelechy healing is asking ourselves to investigate the places where we do not offer ourselves and others love, and then learning to choose differently. Entelechy healing is about releasing our true selves in the modern world, and such work requires a modern, comprehensive system to do so. 

Simplified, healing must happen in three areas:


In our overwhelming modern world it will be those who understand how to achieve clarity in their minds and bodies who will achieve true life success. 

The wounded ego would have you living separate from true connection to others and the natural world, but this is not a sustainable existence.

You are a powerful, brilliant creator who has been conditioned by an oppressive system to doubt their own creative force. This is no way to live. 


You're going to have to really want it.


Abraham Maslow, credited with coming up with the concept of Self Actualization and Self Transcendence--another way of describing the outcome of the entelechy process--said that he believed that only 2% of the world's population was geared towards seeking such a life experience.

Said another way, 98% of us will feel the drive towards a more fulfilling life but will unconsciously decide to keep ourselves busy with other things or remain numb to other possibilities. And this is understandable, because our culture has never made this practice important. You did not learn how to do this in school, and most likely your parents didn't model it for you (if they did I can't imagine you would be reading this). 

Learning how to live as your true self is really, really hard, because what it asks of you is the willingness to look at all the places where you are wounded or shut down, and then become conscious to the possibility of living another way. 

And this doesn't happen overnight. This is the great work of your life, uncovering who you truly are, and the benefits of doing it are vast, but it's not for the uncommitted. 


The key is picking the guide right for you.


Our world is very good at keeping people stuck. All the ways we can distract or victimize ourselves make it extremely difficult to stay on track towards true healing, even if we aim to be one of that 2%. As such, if you're like most people, doing this work alone isn't going to stick. You're going to need help. 

But with the countless methods and practitioners available, what choice makes the most sense for your process?  

Shamanic practitioners are have taken the path of the 'wounded healer', meaning they have gone through trial and illness and have healed, gathering with them the wisdom and insight to then help others do the same. They are trained and compassionate tour guides on the healing path.  They have the ability to see the 'steps' necessary in your process to bring growth and insight--whether those steps be in the mind, body, spirit or environment--and know the right tools and practices to teach you in order to traverse the challenge you are working with at each moment. 

I am a trained Shamanic & Integrative Practitioner, and my specialty is the rediscovery of the powerful, creative self within each person. I know how to do this because I experienced it first hand. 

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Make freedom your priority. 


Start here. Start now. And if you have started this journey already, reaffirm your commitment again today: 

I will live as an authentic, creative, loving and unapologetically free human being. 

(and I will participate in the healing of the world)